1. Minutes of the 1996 Annual Business Meeting. Cynthia Lightfoot, Secretary.

    The Minutes from last year's Business Meeting were approved.

  2. Financial Report. William Gray, Treasurer.

    Gray reported that the accounts show evidence of the Society's continuing good health and progress towards financial stability.

  3. Announcements. Michael Chandler, President.

    Chandler extended appreciation to members of the Symposium Committee - Larry Nucci, Geoffrey Saxe, and Elliot Turiel - who organized our 1997 Symposium on Culture, Thought, and Development. He also complimented members of the Local Arrangements Committee - Patricia Greenfield, Connie Milbrath, and our new student member, Myrna Gwen - whose hard work was apparent at every level, and made possible a particularly smooth running event.

    Retiring officers and Board members were thanked for their significant contributions to the Society. Although their term of office will expire in October, we are very fortunate that Terrance Brown (Past President), and Marvin Berkowitz, Patricia Miller, Gil Noam, and Elliot Turiel (Board members) have agreed to continue serving the Society in an ex-officio capacity.

  4. Nominations for the Board of Directors.

    The slate of Board candidates to serve the 1997-2000 term (Edith Ackermann, Rolando Garcia, Orlando Lourenco, Sue Taylor Parker, and Judith Smetana) was proposed and approved unanimously.

  5. Local Arrangements Report. Patricia Greenfield, Chair, Local Arrangements Committee.

    Greenfield reported that approximately 20 students from area high schools, colleges, and universities lended time and effort to a variety of tasks including registering conference attendees, directing traffic through the hotel, assisting with audiovisual and lighting equipment, and chauffering plenary and invited speakers and board members. All were thanked for their contributions, especially Paula Averson and Myrna Gwen.

  6. New Business.

    We were encouraged to call to the Board's attention any issues or concerns which may prove relevant to future business, and to provide feedback regarding the 1997 Symposium. Killen made note of the exceptional volunteer force and its role in the overall success of the Symposium. She suggested that it be a model for future symposia.

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