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The Genetic Epistemologist

Spring 1996

Vol. XXIV, No. 2 1996

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The Essential Piaget: An Interpretive Reference and Guide

Howard E. Gruber and J. Jacques Vonèche, Editors

Here, truly, is the essential Piaget -- a distillation of the eminent Genevan's extraordinary legacy to modem psychological knowledge. This generous selection of the most important of Piaget's writings, spanning a period of some seventy years, organizes the core of his remarkable contribution in a way that -- as never before -- clarifies and illuminates his aims, ideas, and underlying themes.

"Through its completeness, its logical organization, and its sensitive commentaries, The Essential Piaget gives a clear and valuable picture of the man as seen in his work."
-Bärbel Inhelder

"A gem of a book that will make Piaget much more broadly accessible to general audiences... The appeal of this book is that it captures so well the beauty of Piaget's mind in motion."
-David Elkind, New York Times Book Review

"To live up to its title, this volume should be seen as 'necessary' by anyone with a serious interest in Piaget; it should encapsulate in its 901-odd pages the principal features of its subject. Without question, The Essential Piaget succeeds on both counts."
-Howard Gardner, Harvard University


Foreword by Jean Piaget
Preface to the Second Edition
Part I. Early Biology
Part II. Transitional Years: From Biology to Philosophy
Part III. The Paris Period
Part IV. Egocentric Thought in the Child
Part V. The Mind of the Baby: From Action to Thought
Part VI. Logico-Mathematecal Operations
Part VII. The Representation of Reality: Action, Space, and Geometry, Time, Movement and Speed
Part VIII. Figurative Aspects of Thought: Perception, Imagery, and Memory
Part IX. Piaget on Education
Part X. Piaget's Philosophy
Part XI. Factors of Development: Biology and Knowledge
Part XII. Retrospection

About the Editors

Howard E. Gruber was formerly Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University and the University of Geneva. He is Visiting Professor of Developmental Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.

J. Jacques Vonèche is Professor of Child Psychology at the University of Geneva.

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