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JPS produces an Annual Special Issue of Cognitive Development.

Sample of a Special Issue

If you are interested in being the Guest Editor for one of these issues, see the Guidelines for Special Issue Proposals.

Cognitive Development (Deanna Kuhn, ed.)

Cognitive Development is the official journal of the Jean Piaget Society.

JPS members receive this quarterly journal at a special low subscription rate as part of their membership benefits. Members also receive the annual Symposium Series Volume.

Cognitive Development includes articles dealing with social cognition and development that are of particular interest to JPS members. Deanna Kuhn, the current editor, is also open to theoretical articles that are brief, and interesting. The editorial office for Cognitive Development is now accepting electronic submissions. For details, visit: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/08852014

To insure a JPS contribution, the board will select a special issue editor each year to produce one volume. If you are interested in acting as editor for one of these special issues, see: Guidelines for Special Issue Proposals.

We are very excited to be able to bring this new benefit to the JPS membership. The cost of the adding Cognitive Development as a membership benefit is reflected in a $35 increase to our yearly dues. The journal is optional for Student Members. See the on-line membership form.

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