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Want to organize an annual meeting?

Submission Guidelines for Program Proposals

The following guidelines are intended to assist prospective organizers in developing program proposals for review by the JPS Board of Directors. The submission process involves two steps. The first is to bring forward a preliminary proposal that provides a rough overview of the intended theme; the second involves a more fully developed plan for the organization of the program, and more detailed information on the invited speakers.

Preliminary proposal

The purpose of the preliminary proposal is to initiate a dialog with the Meeting Planning Committee. The brief overview should include a suggested title, a description of the theme, a statement regarding the relevance and interest of the theme to the JPS membership, and a list of potential invited speakers. If the proposal is believed to merit further development, the prospective organizer(s) will be asked to submit a more fully developed plan.

Full proposal

The full proposal should include the following sections:

  1. A 2-3 page statement of the theme, including a description of its relevance to developmental inquiry.
  2. A description of the relevance of the theme to the JPS membership.
  3. An outline of the invited program, including suggested plenary speakers and invited symposium organizers.
  4. A brief biographical sketch of invited speakers.
  5. A suggested venue and prospective local arrangements team, if appropriate. (NB: It is not necessary for the program proposal to include a specific venue and local arrangements plan; this component of the program may be coordinated through the Meeting Planning Committee.)

For more information, contact the VP, Program Planning: Larry Nucci (nucci@berkeley.edu).