31st Annual Meeting of The Jean Piaget Society
Radisson Hotel Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, California

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General Theme
San Francisco
The theme of the Jean Piaget Society 2001 meeting is inspired by Piaget's book Biology and Knowledge which explores the mutual implications of evolution and development. Whereas the 1995 symposium considered the evolution of human behavioral development as revealed through comparisons of human and nonhuman primate species, JPS 2001 extends and elaborates the theme by also considering the evolution of brain development in human and nonhuman primates. The theme focuses on the evolution of experience-contingent brain development underlying cognitive construction, language acquisition, and personal identity. The important implications of recent studies that emphasize the constructive nature of brain development and evolution will be discussed by distinguished plenary speakers that include Terrance Deacon, V.S. Ramachadran and Annette Karmiloff-Smith. The evolution and acquisition of languages is given special emphasis with the inclusion of Dan Slobin and Elizabeth Bates as plenary speakers. In addition, a special feature seminar on Piaget's Biology and Knowledge will be led by several Piagetian scholars.

San Fransisco

The conference will be held at the Radisson Hotel at the Berkeley Marina, where the 1995 meeting took place. This is one of the most beautiful settings on the San Francisco Bay, with views of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, and Mt. Tam in Marin. The hotel is located adjacent to Cesaer Chavez Park which has several miles of walking trails along the shore. There is easy access to downtown San Francisco via the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) and to the University of California, Berkeley campus. The hotel has a complete health club including state-of-the art exercise equipment, lap pool, whirlpool, and sauna and a separate family pool. Sailboat and motorboat rentals, windsurfing, fishing charters and golf or tennis are available nearby.

We have negotiated excellent hotel rates for those registering before May 1.
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Reservations: 800 333-3333
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A preview of JPS 2002 ...

The Embodied Mind and Consciousness: Developmental Perspectives
Philadelphia, PA
Willis Overton and Ulrich Mueller, Organizers

One cannot speak of the body and of life in general, but only of the animal body and animal life, of the human body and of human life. (Merleau-Ponty)

In ever widening circles of academic and professional discourse, the body is being discussed as both a physical structure and a form of lived experience. The concept of embodiment is increasingly called upon to account for the contextualization of perception, thinking, feeling, and desire as these and other processes emerge from a body actively engaged in a world of sociocultural and physical objects. JPS 2002 will provide a forum for exploring conceptions of the development of the embodied mind and consciousness from biological, psychological, and cultural perspectives. We invite your participation in what promises to be a program of exceptional caliber. Please join us in Philadelphia.

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