Membership in The Jean Piaget Society

New membership fee structure

In the past few years, our membership fee has been included in our conference registration costs, providing no means of allowing for the continuing membership of those who miss a particular meeting. For 2019 forward, we are instead instituting a new and, we believe, sounder way of tracking our membership.

Beginning in October 2018, there will be a $50 membership fee for regular members and a $30 membership fee for students, post-docs, and emeritus or retired members. This fee will cover your membership for the 2019 calendar year. Membership includes Human Development journal privileges, and will be deducted from standard conference registration fees paid by non-members.

These modified membership fees will represent a savings for some, provide the Society with a more reliable means of estimating the size of its membership and allow individuals to maintain membership regardless of conference attendance in a given year.

To join JPS, or renew your annual membership, use the menu below: