Jean Piaget Society — DVD Series

The Growing Mind: A Piagetian view of Children

Produced by Keith Alward

This set of four broadcast-quality, full-color, DVDs covers the cognitive development of children between four and eight years of age in four domains of knowledge, with one DVD devoted to each domain:

  • The Development of Classification (30 minutes)

  • The Development of Order Relations: Seriation (28 minutes)

  • The Development of Quantitative Relations: Conservation (32 minutes)

  • The Development of Spatial Relations (29 minutes)

Each DVD is narrated and self-contained. Across the four DVDs, interviewers, in conversation with 13 children, reveal Piaget’s pre-operational, transitional, and concrete-operational stages. Many of the same children appear in several of the DVDs, permitting analyses of case studies of individual students’ thinking across knowledge domains.

The Jean Piaget Society relies on the generous support of our members and affiliates. DVDs in this series are available as a gift with your donation of $100 for one DVD, or $300 for the set of four.

A new added benefit to members is a 20% discount on the DVD Growing Mind film series, a valuable addition to course material in undergraduate, pre-service, and graduate courses in cognition and development.

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"For nearly thirty years I have used The Growing Mind series in a course for students who are preparing to teach in elementary schools. It has been an invaluable resource, not only for helping my students understand Piaget's stages of development, but also for illustrating some effective questioning strategies that they can use to assess and promote their own students' understandings of the curricula they teach." Paul Ammon, Professor & Director, Developmental Teacher Education Program, UC Berkeley